It’s Always Sunny: “The Gang Goes on Family Fight” Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode follow…

It certainly feels like Always Sunny would/should have done a game show episode by now, but I guess not. Hence “The Gang Goes on Family Fight,” guest starring Keegan-Michael Key as the host of a Family Feud-type show driven to his wit’s end by the Reynolds “family” (It’s complicated. In fact, Mac brought his blood bucket for DNA testing).

Game show hosts losing their minds over imbecilic contestants is always good for a laugh. SNL’s Celebrity Jeopardy’s whole premise is based on it. In fact, it seems like there’s a new video each month featuring real life Feud host Steve Harvey mugging a bit for the cameras after someone buzzed in with an inappropriate head-scratcher. Here, Key’s Grant Anderson had to deal with The Gang, who were somewhat reliable with the answers (once Dennis realized he needed to think like a commoner) but a nightmare in every other respect.

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