Unity Co-Founder And CTO: вАШWe Have No Plan To SellвАЩ

Last week, reports emerged that successful, cross-platform engine company Unity was courting buyout offers. According to the companyвАЩs co-founder and chief technology officer, that is not the case.

Joachim Ante, who co-founded the company in 2004 with David Helgason and Nicholas Francis (the later of which departed in February 2013), addressed concerns in the Unity forums. In a brief statement, he put to rest rumors of a sale.

We always wanted to make a game engine that is accessible to everyone вАУ to give customers an equal chance to develop great games and compete with larger players.

In other words, democratise game development.

The role we now have in the gaming industry has been noticed by other companies. And today we have partnerships and collaborations with many of them. And these partnerships have enabled us to make it even better for you guys. For example offering you access to even more platforms in Unity at no extra cost. Sometimes when we talk to our partners, discussions turn to talk of acquisition.

Our response has always been that for Unity it is best to be an independent company.

This has been true for the last 10 years, it is equally true today.

So to sum it up: We have no plan to sell Unity.

Unity is currently used on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo platforms, and others. Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony have struck deals to give independent developers access to the tools at no cost.

[Source: Unity via Gamasutra]

Our Take
As we saw this year with the sales of Oculus, Twitch, and Mojang, there is enormous trepidation when a company is bought out. Unity has built a expansive user base with a healthy community, many members of which are likely breathing a sigh of relief today.

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